Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Today is the day of heart's delight. Quite sensational.

Although I don't subscribe to hallmark being the end-all of holidays, it does have an enormous impact on our environment. So I contacted my single friends and told them how much I love them, just in case they were thinking about hearts and love and all that stuff...and you know what? They were happy to hear someone reach out and just say how appreciated they were . And I felt really good saying it. My sweetie and I made heart-shaped pumpkin pancakes with chocolate chips and giggled through the morning. Why not? And then I walked out to my car and discovered a $55 parking ticket valentine from the city of San Francisco. Shift happens...I'm reminded of a heart shaped pendulum swishing through the universe. All in one.

As the 11 tweets per day tweeter for a social media for nonprofits organization, I made sure to spread positive appreciation for the work of all nonprofits through the tweetosphere. Of all organizations, nonprofits have huge hearts and they deserve recognition, especially on a heart-laden day in our culture. It's not easy being a nonprofit. And this economy is no walk in the park. For instance, I've noticed more and more tents being erected in vacant spaces both inside and outside of the city. Times are tough - and getting tougher. If it weren't for the dedication and generosity of nonprofits for their causes, where would we be as a society? We're struggling, but heart-filled people carry the torch of hope, resilience and fortitude no matter what - just riding that pendulum. Gotta love 'em.

So, regardless of a heart-focused holiday, I wonder this...do you reach out to those that you love or appreciate or are grateful for? I hope so. It makes that inevitable pendulum swish just a little bit sweeter for all of us.